Requirements for a Major in French Studies
11 units with the following distribution, with 4 courses permitted in English.
Required courses – 6 units as follows:
Language classes         FR 117, 231, 232
Literature class            FR 251
Senior RFT (2 units) 
FR 400 taken concurrently with one of the following upper-level French classes: 333, 334, 346.
Electives – 5 units as follows:
To be chosen from literature/film courses listed below, culture/civilization courses listed below and credits from Study Abroad courses.
Language Classes
107 Accelerated Elementary French
117 Accelerated Intermediate French
231 Artistic Adventures: Advanced French Conversation and Composition
232 People and Politics in the French-Speaking World

Literature/Film Classes
230 The Art of the Flaneur: Paris in Literature, Art and Film (Winter Intersession class in Paris)
234 Introduction to French Translation
241 French Civilization
242 Francophone Civilization
251 Introduction to Literature in French
310 Cities and Perversities: Literature in Turn-of-the-Century Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona (in translation)
320 French Masterworks in Translation
333 Nineteenth Century French Literature
334 Twentieth Century French Literature
335 French Beyond France: An Introduction to la Francophonie
346 A Window on France: French Literature Survey
351 French Women Writers in Translation
352 Cities in the Francophone World
355 Sex and Gender in Medieval French Literature    (in translation)
356 French Cinema: Retrogrades, Rebels and Realists
400 Senior Learning Community: French Expository Writing
Culture/Civilization Classes
History 112    Western civilization in Modern Times
Art 112           Modern Art: Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
Art 217           Medieval Art
Art 218           Cities and Perversities: Art in Turn-of-the-Century Paris, Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona
Politics 232     Comparative European Politics
History 269     Modern France and the World
History 282     Working Stiffs and Welfare Moms: Love and Labor in the Modern World
History 284     Women and Men in Modern Europe and the World
History 286     On the Screen: Gender, Class and Culture in Film
Philosophy 213 Existentialism

Requirements for a Dual Major of French Studies and Childhood Education
For the Education course requirements consult the Education section.
For the French component of the Dual Major a total of 10 units is required.
Requirements for a Minor in French
A minimum of 6 units in French including the elementary course. One class may be taken in English translation.  In courses listed, all courses taught in the language fulfill the International Perspectives requirement (I).

 Requirements for a Minor in French

The French minor consists of a total of 6 units, which may include the following courses: FR 107, 111, 112, 231, 232, 251; and a choice of electives in French to obtain 11 units.

Students starting their French studies at a level higher than FR 107 must take more electives in order to complete the minor.  Four courses may be taken in English translation.

FR 107: Accelerated Elementary French

FR 111: Intermediate French I

FR112: Intermediate French II

FR 231: Artistic Adventures: French Composition and Conversation I

FR 232: People and Politics in the French Speaking World: Advanced French Composition and Conversation II

FR 251: Introduction to Literature in French