ACE events in Modern Languages

Academic and Cultural Enrichments Events Sponsored by the Department of Modern Languages:

2005: Professor Donato Totaro, Concordia University, Montreal:  “The Italian Horror Genre”

2005: Author Laura Freixas (Madrid): “Literatura y mujeres en España: historia de un falso boom”

2006: Professor María José García Vizcaino, Montclair State University: "The Art of Translation”

2006: Dr. Adrian Fielder, Northwestern University: "Modern Slavery In and Out of the Home in Contemporary France: Coline Serreau's Chaos"

2007: Jean Franco, Professor Emerita, Columbia University:  “The Reproduction of Discrimination”

2007: Photographer Adriana Groissman and bandoneon player Héctor del Curto :  “Tango x 2: The  Music and the Visuals”

2007:  Author Laura Freixas (Madrid): “Cómo me convertí en escritora gracias a mi madre, Franco, y Simone de Beauvoir”

2007: Dr. Noelle Rouxel-Cubberly, College of Staten Island, CUNY: "The Politics of Titles in Recent French Film"

2007: Author Phyllis Capello, "Italian-American Coming of Age Narrative"

2008: Journalist Paddy Woodworth (Ireland):  “Dirty War, Clean Hands: Spain’s Basque Region”

2008: Professor Linda Gould Levine, Montclair State University:  “Art and Entrapment in Icíar Bollaín’s Te doy mis ojos”

2009: Author Lidia Falcón (Barcelona):  “Primeras reindivicaciones feministas”

2009:  Authors Lorenzo Silva (Barcelona) and Carlos Castán (Madrid):  Round table discussion (sponsored by the Spanish Consulate in New York City and the “America Reads Spanish” program)

2010:  Authors José Ovejero (Madrid) and Fernando Royuela (Madrid) :  Round table discussion (sponsored by the Spanish Consulate in New York City and the “America Reads Spanish” program)

2010:  Author and Professor Gustavo Arango (SUNY Oneonta) and photographer Nereo López: “La magia en Gabriel García Márquez”

2011: Randy Fairbanks, "The Legacy of Jacques Demy in Recent French Film"

2011: Professor El Hadj Malick NDiaye, Columbia University: "La culture urbaine contemporaine au Sénégal"

2011:  Professor Israel Rolon-Barada, University of Cincinnati: "Carmen Laforet: Una mujer en fuga" ("Carmen Laforet: A Woman on the Run")

2011: Professor Linda Gould Levine, Montclair State University: "Fiction Writing and Reclaiming Women's History in Spain"

2011: Film Director Inés Paris (Madrid): "Cine y compromiso"

2012:  French actress Irène Jacob and musician/songwriter Francis Jacob:  Musical Performance from their album "IF"

2012: Philosopher Carlos Paris and Author Lidia Falcón (Madrid):  "España en la actualidad"

2013:  International Poetry Night

2014: Award-winning writer José Ovejero (Madrid): "La invención del amor"

2014: International Poetry Night

2015: International Poetry Night

2016: International Poetry Night

2017: International Poetry Night

2018: International Poetry Night

2018: Patricia Pintado-Casas: "Modernista Barcelona"

2019: International Poetry Night

2019: Dr. Alejandro del Rio Herrmann: "The Spanish Civil War Through the Works of Simone Weil and George Orwell"

2020: International Poetry Night

2020: David Pires, Philadelphia Art Museum: "Dangerous Veauty: The Works of Auguste Rodin"


Poetry Spoken Word and Musical Performances at the Coffeehouse in Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month: 

2001:  Nancy Mercado and Pedro Pietri

2002:  Piri Thomas: Poetry, Music and Reading from Down These Mean Streets in Spiro 2

2003:  Tony Medina

2004:  Edwin Torres

2005:  Willie Perdomo

2006:  "Carmelita Tropicana" Performance  by Alina Troyana

2007:  Uroayán Noel:  Poetry and Music

2008:  Magda del Valle, Two-time Winner National Poetry Slam

2010:  Art + Activism:  Prints by Alejandra Delfí