5 Top Skills That Will Help You Land the Job

5 Top Skills That Will Help You Land the Job

Job skills

What are employers looking for in a candidate?

Sure you might have the credentials and technical skills to land you the interview, but do you have what it takes to get the job? Employers these days are looking for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. Not only do employers want you to have the technical skills of the job, but also ‘soft skills’ – qualities that will help you and your future coworkers to interact effectively as a team.

Why do I need soft skills?

Soft skills help us do our jobs. They are not only important when interacting with clients and customers, but with our bosses and coworkers as well. Soft skills relate to how you work with others. Employers value soft skills because they enable the organization to function productively as a whole.

Here are the top 5 soft kills that employers are looking for:

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

This might be one of the most imperative skills to have. You must be able to communicate both verbally and in writing. It is important to develop a variety of skills for both communicating to others and learning how to interpret the information received.

Your interpersonal skills are how you interact with other people. Don’t focus on just talking, but listening as well. The ability to assess the situation through verbal and non-verbal cues is crucial in the job field.

Teamwork / Collaboration

Employers want to see if you are able to not only work well within the department, but how well you work with outside team members. Employers are looking for workers who can contribute their own ideas, but also want people who can work with others to create and develop projects and plans.

Problem Solving

Can you look at complicated issues and bring creative solutions to the table?

Problem solving and critical thinking refers to the ability to use knowledge, facts, and data to effectively solve problems. It means being able to think on your feet, assess problems and find solutions. The ability to develop a well thought-out solution within a reasonable time frame, however, is a skill that employers value greatly.

Time Management

The ability to organize and prioritize your workload is a great assets to companies. Employers are looking for people who know how to prioritize tasks appropriately and use their time wisely. Missing deadlines can hold the hold team back and throw projects off track, so it important that they are observed.


Do you have what it takes to be a leader? Employers are looking for candidates that show drive and initiative. They are looking for someone who is not only willing to step up to the plate and go that extra mile, but take responsibility for the actions of their team as well.