Advanced Legal Research and Writing

Advanced and specialized approaches to utilize the legal resources available in a law library, and elsewhere, will be examined. The conceptual differences between computer-assisted legal research and hard copy research will be taught. Students will also learn how to formulate WESTLAW search queries and effectively and efficiently use WESTLAW and other online legal research methods as timesaving devices in legal research and legal writing. This course is designed to examine more thoroughly advanced and specialized approaches to utilizing the legal sources available in the law library and online.

After successfully completing the tests and assignments for this course, students will know:
•How to conduct manual legal research
•How to conduct electronic legal research
•How to find, interpret and use various types of legal authorities
•How to shepardize legal authorities
•How to write a legal analysis
•How to draft a Memorandum of Law
•How to brief case opinions
•How to engage in various types of legal writing

PREREQUISITE: Successful completion of the Paralegal Certificate Course© or the equivalent, or at least 1 year law office experience.

Course is only available online.
Tuition: $729 (Textbooks not included.)

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