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Post Image for Featured Camp: STEAM World Tour
July 1, 2022
Geography and travel enthusiasts will love this camp! We will navigate around the globe as we visit popular locations such as Italy, France, Africa, India, Brazil and Belize. At each stop we will learn about architecture, activities and history specific to the region. We will start in the canals of Venice, Italy. Next campers will […]
Red Team for Color Wars
August 14, 2018
Written by Brandon Atiles Last week, Wagner College hosted color wars for the children who attend the summer camps in the afternoon. Color wars are usually composed of planned challenges that have teams competing against each other. While they are usually structured in a way that only one team can win, Wagner’s take on the […]
SYEP Counselors
August 8, 2018
Written by Brandon Atiles Last week was my first working at Wagner College as part of the New York City summer youth employment program. I expected it to be a mundane job that I would be doing just to gain some working experience and money. Boy, was I wrong. My week started by meeting the […]
Post Image for Dive Under the Sea at Wagner College Summer Camp
July 20, 2018
Written by SYEP intern Alaa Elasmar It was a beautiful day at Wagner College, the sun engulfed the campus making the birds chirp with happiness. The summer camp children were gathered together at the Coffee House (the summer camp hang out) celebrating this week’s theme: “Under the Sea." Since I am a big Disney fan, the […]
DonorsChoose Group Photo
June 14, 2018
Claire Chatinover is a first-time teacher to a fifth grade class at PS 90 in Coney Island. In the midst of stressful New York State testing earlier this year, Ms. Chatinover wanted nothing more than to give her students something fun and stress-free to look forward to. To do so, she knew she needed to […]
Test Prep
January 18, 2018
This following is the New Year’s Resolution that we want to help you keep : Get your child more involved. Most parents already know the reasons why involvement is so important.  Introducing a new topic or interest, developing a skill that may not be addressed in school, meeting children from other backgrounds and neighborhoods, and […]
Digital Art Design
January 18, 2018
“New shape, new layer,” my high school digital art teacher would say over and over and over again because we were stubborn and most of us never grasped the concept behind the words. In Adobe Photoshop, it’s crucial for the user to create new layers for each individual aspect of a design. The layers are […]
Post Image for Reaching for the stars at the Wagner College Planetarium
January 18, 2018
We often tell our children to “reach for the stars,” and at the Wagner College Planetarium we offer a way to do just that.  I am lucky enough to have the job of arranging the hundreds of school trips to the Wagner Planetarium.  It starts with a simple blank spreadsheet with dates and times from […]
Post Image for Pre-College Blog: Returning to Wagner
August 22, 2017
Move-in day for Wagner’s incoming freshmen is a couple days away, but I'm not as nervous as most. You see, I have a secret advantage over most of the Class of 2021. Last summer, I spent three weeks living on Wagner’s campus as part of their Pre-College Program. For three weeks I took classes with […]
Child crying
October 21, 2016
One of my greatest fears as a parent is watching my child feel the pain and hurt of rejection. It is one thing when we don’t get what we want, but to see our children go through that stings even more. Yet, rejection is an inevitable part of growing-up. Think back to your own childhood, […]