Entrepreneurship: Build Your Own Business

build your own business

The global mission of this online course will be to decide, complete and formulate the business plan and begin the marketing plan as you begin the exciting prospect of becoming an entrepreneur. This course will provide real-world strategies and advice on running your own business – from how to pick your business idea, to web development, processing payments and other practical advice from a fellow entrepreneur.

The course comprises 12 interactive modules that will include specific readings and advice that will contribute to the successful launch your own business. You will have the ability to share and learn from your other cohorts as well as the professor of the course during weekly discussion boards and scheduled chat sessions.

Interactive Modules:

Week 1: Introductions and Discussion of Business Ideas
Week 2: How to Build a Website for Your Business
Week 3: How to Use Social Media for Your Business
Week 4: How to Structure Your Business
Week 5: Writing a Business Plan; Overview of the 7 Elements of the Business/Marketing Plans
Week 6: Part 1 and 2 of Your Business Plan
Week 7: Part 3 and 4 of Your Business Plan
Week 8: Part 5 and 6 of Your Business Plan
Week 9: Part 7 of Your Business Plan
Week 10: Draft Marketing Plan
Week 11: Compilation of Whole Business Plans; Review and Next Steps
Week 12: Open Questions & Answers

You will complete the course with a professional business plan and the beginning stages of your marketing plan, including website development assistance and social media marketing know-how. 

About the Instructor

Lisa Nielsen is a business executive, educator and entrepreneur.

She is born and raised on Staten Island with a BS degree in Marketing and a MBA in International Finance. Her MBA is from the Rome, Italy campus of St John’s University, where she learned how to speak Italian.

Upon returning to the United States, she began her career in financial services and publishing industries. Her career focus was Project Management and she became certified as a Project Management Professional from the Project Management Institute in 2004. She left Corporate America as a Vice President at Marsh, Inc where she helped manage a pipeline of over $2m in sales.

She left corporate to focus on her teaching and entrepreneurial pursuits. Lisa began teaching at the University level in 2003 and learned she has a passion and a knack for teaching complex topics with a mix of real world and academic expertise.

Lisa has run her own businesses over the years as a consultant helping prepare business plans and helping professionals and students plan and take their next step. Her recently relaunched company, The Next Step provides services from preparing for an interview to e-content for courses and training along with resume editing and more. Nielsen is also the author of The Prof’s Guide to Entrepreneur-ing:
Using Entrepreneurial Skills to Launch Your Own Business or be the Boss of Your Career. Lisa is a true Renaissance woman with many strengths and loves helping her clients and students succeed.