Free online learning opportunities

Free online learning opportunities

Interested in trying an online class, but not sure where to start?

Our longest tenured online partner, Ed2go, is offering a selection of its self-paced tutorial courses for free through June 30. This is a great opportunity to try-out taking an online class.


Courses included are:

This course will begin with an overview of the evolution of the management position as well as the tasks of a manager. You will also learn skills to assist you in time management, delegating responsibility, motivating your employees, solving problems, and resolving conflicts so you can accomplish your job more effectively. Enroll

This course provides a step by step process to becoming a great conversationalist as you use communication to build rapport, motivate and create trust, warmth, and respect in all settings. You will also learn methods to communicate effectively with a variety of audiences including groups and children. Enroll

This course will help you discover methods to deliver high levels of customer service. You will learn how to measure customer service and discover how to anticipate the expectations and needs of your customers. Plus, you will learn how to develop policies to resolve complaints and build long-lasting customer service programs. This class will conclude with methods of training and motivating your workforce to deliver exceptional customer service. Enroll

This course will help you plan content, structure, and layout of your website, create neatly formatted text, build links, and add color, graphics, and tables, using HTML, XHTML and CSS Coding. You will also learn various marketing and SEO strategies to help get your site noticed. Enroll

This course provides hands-on experience creating web pages and posts, adding images and videos, changing a site’s look and feel, and working with user-friendly features using WordPress. You will also learn how to integrate plugins, social media and optimizing content for search engines. Enroll

In this course, you'll learn to incorporate SEO, advertising, email, and social media to establish an Internet presence and build brand identity. By the end of this course, you will develop your own marketing plan for promoting your business online. Enroll

This course will help you master cost-effective marketing strategies that provide results with hands-on activities and real-world examples. Some examples include strategic partnerships, local marketing, search engine optimization, web design, social networking, e-mail marketing, lead generation, and niche marketing. The course will also focus on the importance of repeat customers and engaging customers in referring others. You will also learn to track these marketing tactics to determine if you are meeting your goals. Enroll

The key to managing your personal finances is setting clear financial goals, making the right investments, increasing financial security, and preparing for retirement. This course will help you create and use a household budget, borrow and invest wisely, make intelligent decisions about insurance, and plan for your financial future. Enroll

Master skills including goal setting, time management, stress management, personal organization, managing personal finances, creativity, communication, problem-solving, decision making, and conflict resolution that can help you in your career and to improve interpersonal relationships. Enroll

This course will start with helping you to select jobs that are right for you and staying positive through your job search. Next, you will learn ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by identifying your experiences, strengths, and personality traits that set you apart. You will also get tips for writing resumes, cover letters, interviewing, and networking. Enroll