Dungeons & Dragons Welcome to the Jungle

Ages 11 to 16

D&D is a tabletop roleplaying game where the players are telling a story in their collective imagination, but one player serves as an arbiter, known as the dungeon master, who determines whether or not the player’s actions succeed or fail, using dice, rules, and creativity. The players take on a role in the same way that an actor takes the role of a character on stage or film.

This campaign takes place in the fantasy world of Oerth, the original campaign setting built by Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson, the creators of Dungeons and Dragons. The player characters will belong to a guild of adventurers from the coastal Duchy of Gradsul, tasked by the Duke with exploring the southern region of Amedio, a massive jungle teeming with monsters, ancient ruins, and forgotten treasures. Will they gain power and fortune, or succumb to the many dangers of this harsh wilderness?

With the use of the D&D Beyond digital toolset, playing the game online is made simple and convenient. Players will have easy access to all the rules and information from D&D’s numerous sourcebooks, as well as useful tools such as a character sheet creator and an initiative tracker for combat encounters. Beyond allows for faster, more streamlined gameplay, meaning that there will be more time to actually play the game

Saturdays, February 6 to May 8 (12 Weeks)
No Class 2/13 & 4/3
11am to 2pm
Tuition: $359

*Maximum of 12 players per group. If enrollment requires a second section will be opened.

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