Intern Spotlight: Allison

Intern Spotlight: Allison

This semester, the Department of Lifelong Learning welcomed 11 students from local high schools and Wagner College to our intern program. In this series, we'll introduce you to the talented students who are helping us make a difference in the lives of our Staten Island community.


Name: Allison

College: Wagner College

Grade: Freshman

Favorite Subject: Math

Career Aspiration: Nurse Practitioner

How is this internship helping you achieve your career goal: Working with children allows me to learn how to be patient and understanding, which are two important qualities essential to working in the medical field.

Why did you choose to the Lego Robotics program as your area of interest: I chose to work in the We-Do Lego Robotics program because I love introducing children to computer programming and simple machines. I also like the age group of the children in the program because this is the time which their thoughts run wild and their minds absorb great amounts of information.

What is your favorite part about this internship: My favorite part about the internship is working with the children. Working with children has changed my way of thinking. In addition, I love seeing how their imaginations work and how their ideas form into unique creations.

Fun fact: I play 5 different instrument and am a part of the Wagner College Marching Band!