Intern Spotlight: Nicolette

Intern Spotlight: Nicolette

This semester, the Department of Lifelong Learning welcomed 11 students from local high schools and Wagner College to our intern program. In this series, we'll introduce you to the talented students who are helping us make a difference in the lives of our Staten Island community.


Name: Nicolette

High School: Notre Dame Academy

Grade: 11

Favorite Subject: Literature

What do you want to be when you grow up: I want to be involved in either business or a career working with children. Maybe a pediatrician, nutritionist, or education.

Why did you want to do an internship while in high school: To get a clearer perspective of what I want to pursue as a career and to get as much experience as I can.

How is this internship helping you achieve your career goal: By exploring working with kids.

Why did you choose to intern in the Video Games Design class: I am learning to code and school and truly enjoy it!

What is your favorite part about the internship: I love kids, my favorite part is helping them achieve an obstacle they were struggling with.

Would you encourage other students to take an internship while in high school: Absolutely! Junior year is a year full of decisions and commitments. It pays off to explore your talents and get into the filed you're interested in.