LEGO Robotics Programs


Using special WeDo LEGO® Education Kits, kids learn hands-on about mechanical engineering, structural design, and introductory robotics. Working in teams, children will build their robots, discover scientific principles, and using laptops learn how to program their creations to move and make sounds. There will be “free-build” time when kids will become true “Imagineers,” using their creativity and problem solving skills. Parents and friends are invited for a demonstration on the final day.

Fridays, October 12 – December 7 (8 weeks)
No Class November 23
Ages: 5 – 6
Time: 3:45 p.m. – 5:15 p.m.
Tuition: $269
Enroll Online for Ages 5 – 6

Join this all new next generation of Lego WeDo Robotics!  WeDo 2.0 project-based activities ignite students’ curiosity while enhancing their skills in science, technology, engineering and coding. Working in teams, children build confidence while navigating through life, physical, earth, and space sciences. The new hardware, software and wireless platform includes a Bluetooth low-energy Smarthub element, bringing the most up-to-date technological advancements to the experience. Students will build a Lego robot to investigate real-world science issues, learn programming skills to put their robot in motion and free-build to model the “environment” under investigation.

Fridays, October 12 – December 7 (8 weeks)
No class November 23
Ages: 7 & 8
5:30 p.m. – 7 p.m.
Tuition: $269
Enroll Online for Ages 7 & 8

Make a splash with FIRST LEGO League HYDRO DYNAMICS! Learn all about water – how we find, transport, use, or dispose of it. Water is a major part of everyday life, and our Lego missions will be based on the significance of this beautiful and natural resource. Join our STEM program where we combine technology and engineering skills in order to accomplish LEGO Robotics missions using the NXT Bot and the all new EV3 Bot. A strong team effort is required to collaborate in solving problems, building, testing, and programming machines and thinking like scientists and engineers in the process. At the end of the session, Lego Teams will compete in a Battle Bots tournament for family and friends. This program is geared toward children on both an intermediate and advanced level.

Fridays, September 21 – December 21 (12 weeks)
No classes October 5 and November 23
Ages: 9 – 14*
*Students who are 8 years old with previous Robotics experience will be accepted.*
4:45 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
Tuition: $399
Enroll Online for Ages 9 – 14

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