A Lifelong Learning New Year’s Resolution

A Lifelong Learning New Year’s Resolution

This following is the New Year’s Resolution that we want to help you keep : Get your child more involved.

Most parents already know the reasons why involvement is so important.  Introducing a new topic or interest, developing a skill that may not be addressed in school, meeting children from other backgrounds and neighborhoods, and preventing the “I’m bored” refrain are just a few of those reasons. At Wagner College Department for Lifelong Learning, our mission is to provide an enriching, diverse, and nurturing environment that promotes personal, academic and social growth.  The way that we accomplish this is by offering top notch classes in a variety of subjects from performing arts to computer technology.  Our teachers are not only very involved in their field but are caring individuals who want to help expose a child to a new endeavor, to get them excited about a new topic.  They will help a child to explore a topic or field of study which might open up a whole new world - to help children to reach for stars that they may not even know were in the sky.  While some children can be very precocious and know what type of class they want to attend; the majority are simply children who need parents and teachers to guide them while they are having fun and making new friends.

There are many more class options for children than ever before.  Whether you have a child interested in the arts or one that prefers STEM, Wagner College has a class available for them.   While some classes will always be popular such as art or dance, there are many other possibilities.  Maybe you have a child who would benefit from an architecture class or a STEM class for girls only.  There are also classes in acting, filmmaking, ceramics, American Sign Language, video game design and digital art design, to name a few.  All of Wagner’s classes are designed to be age appropriate and there is one that is destine to become your child’s favorite.

Let Wagner College Department for Lifelong Learning help you keep one of your New Year's Resolutions.  You and your child will both benefit.

Written by Kyra Dashe, Assistant Director of Conferences for The Department for Lifelong Learning