Looking for part-time Summer staff

Looking for part-time Summer staff

Wagner College Lifelong Learning is currently looking for individuals interested in working part-time this summer.

Jobs Available:

  • Job Description: The Turnover Assistant (TA) position is part of a team of students who provide assistance to the Office of Residential Education in terms of facilities, logistics and operations. Students with RA experience preferred. Responsibilities include:
    • Assigning rooms and preparing rooms for guests
    • Checking in guests
    • Overseeing weekly exchange of guest's linens
    • Checking out guests and maintaining inventory of keys
    • Turning over rooms between groups
    • Removing all linens and accessory items such as trash cans and lighting from rooms at end of summer
    • Inventorying all items
    • Ensure COVID-related protocols are being followed

  • Job Description: Assistant Camp Director will be responsible for creating schedule of afternoon activities with the assistance of camp counselors. Compensation commensurate with experience. Responsibilities include:
    • Overseeing camp drop-off and pick-up
    • Creating itinerary of activities for afternoon
    • Collecting any supplies needed
    • Ensuring safety of children
    • Supervising counselors to make sure they are staying on task and assisting with camper discipline/behavior issues

  • Job Description: Summer Camp Counselors will be responsible to assist classroom instructors with supervision of children during camp hours. This position does not include housing. Counselors will receive minimum wage and lunch on days that they are working the full-day. Applicants with classroom observation hours and/or previous camp/babysitting experience preferred. Responsibilities include:
    • Checking in students at start and end of camp day
    • Escort children to restroom
    • Oversee lunch hour
    • Keep kids active and engaged during afternoon activities

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