Pre-College Program for High School Students

  • Visit some of New York City’s exciting attractions including museums, galleries, Broadway shows, and more!

  • Outside of class, experience the independence and responsibility of college life on our 110-acre residential campus.

  • Earn 3-6 transferable college credits and meet with college counselors who will help prepare you for the challenges of the college admission process.

Summer 2020 Pre-College Programs

Dates: July 12 to July 31, 2020

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Healthcare and Psychology Banner

Healthcare and Psychology

  • MDS 291 - Healthcare Immersion 
  • PS212 - Psychopathology 
  • Tuition 
This three-week interactive learning experience is an introductory college program designed for high school students interested in careers in healthcare delivery. Traditional classroom lectures and high fidelity medical simulators (electronically controlled mannequins) promote exposure to clinical skills, management and knowledge of common medical conditions. Students learn to skills interview patients, perform physical exams, and medical procedures (suturing, casting). Interactive cases are explored to enhance the knowledge gained from lectures. Field visits to New York City healthcare facilities complement classroom learning. One Unit  Possible Trips: Northwell Health Hospital, Staten Island; Cornell Medical School Cadaver Lab; EMS/Ambulance Day  Required Text: C. Edward Collins, A Short Course in Medical Terminology, Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2014. ISBN: 978-1451176063 
A discussion of current assumptions about the nature and causes of psychological disorders based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychological Disorders (DSM) used by mental health practitioners. Basic concepts and prevailing theoretical approaches are discussed and evaluated. Description and discussion of the major psychological disturbances, their etiology, and treatment are presented. One Unit.  Required Text: “Abnormal Psychology: A Scientist-Practitioner Approach” (4th Ed.), Beidel, D. C., Bulik, C. M., & Stanley, M.A. (2017), Pearson Education. ISBN: 978-0134238944  Other Required Materials: Notebook 
Residential: $4,599 (early application $4,299)  Commuter: $3,599 (early application $3,449)  (Includes room/board(residential), transportation to venues and entrance fees to required venues, transcript – Books not included) 


eSports and Technology

eSports & Technology

  • CS106 - Computer Fundamentals with MOS Excel Certification 
  • Computer Engineering & eSports 
  • Tuition 
This project-based class will focus on developing both math and computer skills. We will examine the history of computers and their role in society and business. Fundamentals of PC operating systems, electronic mail processing, word processing, spreadsheets, database management, and internet will all be covered. Additionally, students will prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification exam in Excel. Earning the MOS certification will be a valuable tool for college assignments and will differentiate those who earn the certification in today’s competitive job market. MOS Excel certification demonstrates students can meet globally recognized performance standards. The course includes access to GMetrix computerized practice tests and final computerized MOS Excel Certification Exam at Wagner College. One Unit 
This course will focus on Computer Science and Engineering, but not from a normal curricular standpoint. Students will gain an understanding of the fundamentals of computer hardware to build a powerhouse machine for gaming, as well as learn basic troubleshooting. With this new-found knowledge, students will use virtual programs to build the computer of their dreams! There will be an abundance of teamwork building and enhanced communication skills which heighten the eSports experience. Nearing the conclusion of the program, students will participate in an on-campus tournament, choosing between Fortnite, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, League of Legends, or Hearthstone.   Join this all-new technology program and experience the rush of competing in an eSports tournament in Wagner College’s state of the art eSports Lab. Seats are limited, so register early. 
Residential: $4,299 (early application $3,999)  Commuter: $3,299 (early application $3,149)  (Includes room/board(residential), transportation to venues and entrance fees to required venues, transcript – Books not included)