On-Site Corporate Training

Serving the needs of organizations in the New York Metropolitan area and New Jersey. Wagner College offers training programs both at your site and at our campus. Each program is employer-specific, focusing the curriculum to your organization's unique culture.

Our Approach to On-Site Training:

  • Assessment Background Analysis - We partner with you to analyze your organizational strategy, structure, systems, and culture to understand how training can be leveraged to impact business results.
  • Training Analysis- We look at behavioral objectives, skill & knowledge requirements, and the desired business outcomes.
  • Program Development - We target specific outcomes for the curriculum based on your strategic business needs and the key processes by which people acquire competence.
  • Program Implementation - We provide you with experienced instructors, comprehensive development manuals, and complete skill building programs through case study applications and interactive training.
  • Evaluation - We are committed to working with you to measure the impact of your short-term training objectives.

Benefits of On-Site Training

  • Save time & money by eliminating travel related expenses while maximizing your team's learning.
  • Our instructors are professionals in their field of expertise. Your team will benefit from their experience as both managers and consultants to organizations worldwide.
  • Curriculum customization ensures your organizational values and culture are being reinforced. This is done by conducting an up-front assessment to identify your critical issues and specific goals in order to tailor the workshop.
  • Your workshop will be held where and when you want it.

For more information, call (718) 390-3221 or e-mail lifelong-learning@wagner.edu