Wagner College Events & Scheduling

Room Request Procedures

1. Complete request at https://schedule.wagner.edu using steps below. All requests require 48 hour notice.
2. Await confirmation.
3. Follow up with Media Services, Central Services, Dining Services, Housekeeping, etc. for any other support related to event.
4. Ensure Guidelines for room usage are being met.

Note: Many campus locations are not managed via AdAstra. This includes the Sports Center, athletic fields, Residence Hall lounges, and department conference rooms. To request those spaces email the individual departments to determine availability and schedule.


Viewing room availability prior to requesting event:

To use the scheduling grid to determine if a location is available prior to request review the steps outlined here.

Requesting an Event

Follow the steps listed below or view the YouTube Tutorial for directions on requesting an event.

To access the scheduling system visit: https://schedule.wagner.edu
Login in using your same All Access Pass used to login to your Wagner email.

Once logged in click on the Events tab in the top menu and then Request Event. The screen will look as depicted below.

The next screen will ask you to select an Event Request Form. All staff/faculty requesting an event or meeting should select the “From Admin/Staff/Faculty” Form. All events being requested for a registered student organzation should email sea@wagner.edu.

Fill out all meeting details that are indicated as required by the asterisk then select Add Meeting outlined in red below.

If you wish to have your event published on the Wagner Calendar of Events site please pay special attention to the area outlined in yellow in the image above.

Once you select Add Meeting a window will open matching the image below. Use the calendar to select the date and time of your event, fill out all required fields and select Add Meeting at bottom of window. If your event is virtual or off-campus deselect the Requires Room box at the bottom of the screen.

Note: Meeting Time and Uploading Event to the Wagner Newsroom Calendar
If you are planning on listing your event on the Wagner Newsroom calendar it is best that your primary meeting reflects the actual start and end time of the event for which you are expecting attendance. For example, if your event is from 7pm – 9pm, your initial meeting time should reflect that time as well. If you anticipate needing time to set-up for your event or break-down afterwards then create separate meetings using the Meeting Type “Event Set-up” or “Event Break-down”. Meetings coded as set-up or break-down will not appear on the Newsroom calendar.

Once the meeting has been successfully added you will notice it has now populated in your event request form as shown in the area highlighted in yellow in the image below.

The next step will be to select a room. To do this select Assign Room highlighted in red above.

A list will pop up with the rooms available that meet the attendance requirements provided. You can use the filters to scroll through different buildings and rooms or click on the Room header at the top of the column to sort alphabetically.

Select your preferred room and hit OK.

If your preferred room is not in the list it is either because it is not available, the attendance you provided exceeds the size of the room or it is a space that is booked offline through another department.

After you hit OK you will be brought back to the event request form and you will notice that the room is now listed with the meeting information.

Verify all information is complete and correct and hit Submit.