Engineering, Science & Gameplay


Art by Sam Meyer

 In a technology-based world, early exposure to and reinforcement of these disciplines is advantageous to your child’s academic success. We invite your child to explore one or all of our STEM programs listed below this semester.


Robot Mania “WeDo 2.0” Lego Robotics

Grades K-2, Ages: 6+

Session I: Saturdays, February 8 & 29, March 7, 14 & 21 (5 Weeks) | 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.
Session II: Saturdays, March 28, April 4, 25, May 2 & 9 (5 Weeks) | 4:15 – 5:30 p.m.

In this all new next generation of LEGO Robotics WeDo 2.0 class, students will be introduced to using technology as a means of interacting with and exploring the natural world. Each lesson will have a hands-on approach to robot building and computer lessons that will be used to support creative and critical thinking skills. These classes range from creating a windmill to power a city, to designing a rover to explore the surface of the moon. At the end of the program students will not only have gained introductory coding skills, but will also be able to think critically about how we can help protect our planet. Special Note: This class will meet at our partner school, The Resource Room, 534 Forest Avenue, Staten Island.

Tuition: $199

Lego Robotics Into Orbit

Ages: 9*–14

Fridays, January 31 – May 1 | No class February 21 or April 10 | 4:45 – 6:45 p.m.

Gear up and get ready to explore the wonders of SPACE. From large craters to satellite dishes in orbit, help our LEGO astronauts safely navigate through SPACE in order to accomplish our goals. Students will enjoy an OUTER SPACE themed LEGO map where they must collaborate, problem solve, build and program their bots in order to complete various challenging missions. Create and customize your EV3 with the proper mechanics to travel safely back to base in a fun, creative and positive environment. At the end of the session, Lego Teams will compete in a Battle Bots tournament for family and friends. This program is geared toward children on both an intermediate and advanced level. * 8-year-olds with at least one previous semester of WeDo Lego Robotics are permitted.

Tuition: $399

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Junior Video Game Design

Ages: 8 – 11

Fridays, January 31 – May 1 | No class February 21 or April 10 | 4 – 5:30 p.m.

Working in age appropriate software programs including Scratch, we will create an action adventure video game, while learning the tools and techniques of designing and building their very own unique video game. Students will be tasked to explore problem-solving techniques and story concepts while incorporating art and graphics as part of successful game design. Students must bring a flash drive to all classes in order to save their work along with earbuds or headphones and notebook.

Tuition: $299

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Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) 

Ages: 10-14

Saturdays, February 1 – May 2 | No class February 15 or April 11 | 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.

This all new tabletop role playing game (RPG) puts the video screen aside, bringing players together in their self-created fantasy world where imagination and team play are essential elements of the game. Studies have shown that tabletop RPGs have significant education merit. At its core, D&D is an exercise in cooperative storytelling that involves decision making, invention, research, calculations, recursive math, problem solving, teamwork, improvisation, negotiation, role play, creativity, and active spatial visualization, which can all help stimulate and nurture a child’s developing intellect and social skills. Don’t miss out on this all new game!

Tuition: $359

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Magic: The Gathering – All New!

Ages: 10-14

Fridays, January 31 – May 1 | No class February 21 or April 10 | 4:30 – 6:30 p.m.

Magic is a strategic, competitive card game where players take on the roles of dueling wizards. The game encourages and develops a variety of useful skills including strategic thinking, mathematical aptitude, decision making, and socialization. Decks will be provided, and students will have the opportunity to experiment with a variety of different strategies.

Tuition: $279

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eSports & Computer Engineering – All New!

Ages: 13-17

Saturdays, February 8 – May 9 | No class February 15 or April 11 | 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.

In this all new program students will be introduced to the mechanics of how to build a gaming computer and the fundamentals of computer hardware along with the basics of troubleshooting. With this knowledge, students will use virtual programs to build the computer of their dreams. Students will participate in an on-campus eSports gaming tournament which will help build teamwork and communication skills. Seats are limited.

Tuition: $399

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STEAM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math 

Ages: 4-6

Saturdays, February 1 – May 2 | No class February 15 or April 11 | 9:30-10:30 a.m.

Interdisciplinary learning engages multiple intelligences for children. We will start by introducing science, technology, engineering, and math in creative and technical ways. Students embark on space adventures and learn geometry through art lessons and hands-on activities. There is an emphasis on STEM literacy skill development with art connections in a fun and supportive environment. Students make new friends through collaboration. Learning real world application is a key aspect covered within this program. Bring a smock or old shirt.

Tuition: $239

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Introduction to Computer Programming

Ages: 12 – 17

Fridays, January 31 – May 1 | No class February 21 or April 10 | 5:30 – 7 p.m.

In this all new course students will develop logical reasoning and computer programming skills using the VBA language. We will cover variables, constants and data types; structures, arrays and collections; operators, arithmetic, comparison, logical and concatenation; and more. Students will learn fundamental object-oriented programming concepts, algorithms, and techniques. The course is a strong introduction to the world of coding and is a must for anyone interested in advancing their knowledge base.

Tuition: $299

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