Featured Camp: STEAM World Tour

Featured Camp: STEAM World Tour

Geography and travel enthusiasts will love this camp!

We will navigate around the globe as we visit popular locations such as Italy, France, Africa, India, Brazil and Belize.

At each stop we will learn about architecture, activities and history specific to the region.

We will start in the canals of Venice, Italy. Next campers will create their own replica of the Eiffel Tower and learn about Roman architecture. Then we will move south to Nairobi, Kenya where campers will learn about the animals and habitats in Africa. As we move east students will learn about the Taj Mahal on their stop in India. Next, we will move to South America for a visit to Rio de Janeiro and participate in a mini version of Brazil's favorite pastime, football (American soccer). Our final stop will be in Central America to Belize where you will learn about the Great Blue Hole and Leonardo Da Vinci's contribution to scuba diving.

Join us on our next adventure starting July 11!


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