Fiction Writing for Teens (Ages 14 - 17)

Instructor Bio, Hank Jost

K Hank Jost is an author, editor, and educator based out of NYC. He believes first and foremost that everyone is a storyteller, that everyone has within them a story worth telling, and that everyone’s story can only be told in a personal language cultivated by a discipline of craft and curiosity. As a writer of fiction, Jost has published two books (MadStone and Deselections), as well as a variety of short pieces in diverse outlets. His dedication to well-wrought work led him to starting a quarterly magazine, A Common Well Journal, with the mission of deeply engaging with the efforts of the literary community-at-large. He has taught workshops at the Brooklyn Center for Theatre Research and Barrelhouse, and currently teaches at Gotham Writers Workshop. Operating with a pedagogical approach steeped in curiosity, experimentation, and play, Jost aims to encourage all students to chase their taste and instincts to their final conclusions, to read widely, and to write the work they wish they were reading. Alongside the development of a personal approach in each student, Jost teaches students the skills necessary to build and participate in an artistic community, cultivating a kind seriousness toward one’s peers and the independent spirit to believe in and advocate for one’s own work.