About Art

This is not your traditional art school. You will have the chance to study the visual arts while obtaining a liberal arts education. You will develop your visual and analytical talents while gaining the breadth of knowledge, intellectual curiosity and writing skills that only a liberal arts education can provide.

The Fine Arts program includes study in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, photography, ceramics, and graphic design. You will develop and hone observational, practical, and analytical skills, while also developing your own artistic voice both in and out of the classroom. Experiential study lets you reflect on your work and become independently motivated and engaged in the field.

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Design and Color

A study of basic problems in two-dimensional design and color. Emphasis is on problem-solving projects and learning the vocabulary of design and color. Content includes basic color theory.


Fundamental techniques and principles of photography as an art form. Learn about craft (camera know-how, developing, printing) and content (what to put on film) and their relationships in visual communication. Darkroom work.

Museum and Gallery Studies

An introduction to contemporary thought and practice in the making, exhibiting and marketing of visual art. Through coursework and field trips, explore the importance of context and presentation in how works of art are perceived by the public.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Brooklyn Museum of Art
  • Josee Bienvenu Gallery
  • Sotheby's Auction House
  • Marvel Entertainment

Senior Exhibits

  • "Seven Deadly Sins"
  • "Digital Meditation"
  • "Oil on Canvas, Charcoal Sketch & Color Collage"

Sasha May ’12

“We are just starting our lives, and most of us have no clue where it can go. I decided to combine ideas of negative self-image and expression of this concept of wabi-sabi through wabi specifically — wabi being the kind of perfect beauty that comes from imperfection.”