About Arts Administration

Get a foundation in the performing and/or visual arts along with skills in business administration to prepare you for leadership and management positions in arts-related organizations. This program is most appropriate for highly motivated, self-starting, achievement-oriented students.

Choose a concentration in art, media management, music, theater, or combined arts. The capstone is a full-time internship, where you can apply your coursework in a fast-paced workplace in the New York metro area or beyond.

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The Business of Music

Explores the roles of the key players in the music business including personal managers, agents, and attorneys. The negotiation and structure of the record deal will be discussed, along with issues relating to the songwriting and music publishing agreements, and the various methods of promotion, marketing and distribution of music.

Not-for-Profit Management

Leadership of not-for-profit organizations, personnel, budget planning, mission statements, development, and legal issues facing arts managers. Includes visits to off-campus arts-related sites.

Entertainment Business Law

An overview of the legal system and how the legal system impacts the entertainment industry. The topics to be explored include the relationship of the artist and agent/manager, contractual issues, copyrights and trademarks, constitutional issues, and antitrust regulation of the industry

Beyond the Classroom


  • MTV
  • Madison Square Garden
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Sony Music Entertainment

Post-grad Placements

  • Late Show with David Letterman
  • Roundabout Theatre Company
  • Warner Brothers Records
  • Christie's

Bridget Herrmann ’05

“It's not who you know, but who knows you. Internships give you the opportunity to make connections and showcase your abilities.”

Vocal Synergy

“I want to work on the business side of music, so this group is helpful. It's good for both my major and what I love to do.”