About Biopsychology

This interdisciplinary field focuses on the relationship between physiological and psychological systems in the nervous system. You will learn about the neural mechanisms of behavior and cognition, evolutionary development of the nervous system, and mechanisms of nervous system and psychiatric disorders.

This major will prepare you for graduate study in biopsychology, neuroscience, neuropsychology, neurobiology, or related fields and for careers requiring a solid foundation in science.

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Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology

A study of the nervous system with special emphasis on the human brain and spinal cord. Chemical, histological, anatomical and physiological aspects are covered.

Drugs, the Brain and Behavior

A survey of the clinical and recreational uses of psychoactive compounds. Topics include the anthropological perspective on drug use, issues of dosage and administration, the pharmacological models of psychopathology and the use of drugs in the treatment of psychiatric disorders, and the psychopharmacology of drug addiction.

Sensation and Perception

Students are introduced to research methods in perceptual psychology. Topics include psychophysical methods, neural mechanisms of seeing and hearing, illusions, distance perception, and schools of perceptual psychology.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Institute for Basic Research in Developmental Disorders
  • Staten Island Zoo
  • University of Pennsylvania medical school


  • Sleep deprivation and eating
  • Modeling fetal alcohol syndrome using zebrafish embryos
  • Electroencephalography and visual representations in musicians
  • Traumatic brain injury in adult zebrafish