About Business Administration

A degree in business prepares you to be an effective decision-maker and leader in both the private and public sectors through a strong practical business education as well as a comprehensive liberal arts education. The undergrad programs focus on strengthening your critical thinking, problem-solving, effective communication, flexible managerial perspective, and information-technology skills, all of which are highly required of effective leaders in the challenging world of modern business.

As a business major, you can choose from one of four concentrations: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, or Management. Graduates of the major work in areas such as banking, brokerage firms, corporate financial management, international business, securities market operations, marketing research, advertising, sales, management, and management information systems in both small and large companies. New York City affords students a rich source of businesses in which to have internships. We also offer MBA degrees if you want to continue to advanced studies.

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Money, Credit and Financial Institutions

Analyze financial institutions with particular emphasis on commercial and central banking. Examine the role of financial markets and institutions in the economy, and the effects of the Federal Reserve's monetary and regulatory policies.


Focuses on issues related to entrepreneurs; problems and opportunities in getting new businesses started including sources of capital and how new products and services are developed; how entrepreneurs help the overall economy; personality traits and characteristics associated with entrepreneurs.


A study of various aspects of advertising which pertain to individual and group behavior in the buying process. Topics include messages and media as related to promotion, personal selling, publicity and public relations.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Goldman Sachs
  • JP Morgan Chase
  • Madison Square Garden
  • New York Stock Exchange
  • New York Yankees


  • "Low Cost Airlines: The Way of the Future"
  • "Can Blockbuster survive? Declining sales of Blockbuster and new marketing techniques for them to implement."
  • "Google — Will it Fail?"

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