About Chemistry

Get a solid foundation in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and biochemistry as you explore the relevance of chemistry. Lab work brings you out of the textbook and lecture to work hands-on with the material. Advanced coursework and research lets you go even deeper into laboratory and quantitative skills.

Research projects on campus or through external internships let you design and conduct your own experiments, analyze the results, and present your findings at professional conferences or in scientific papers. You'll gain the confidence and problem-solving skills necessary to continue your education in medical, other professional schools, or graduate school, or to pursue industrial careers in fields such as pharmaceuticals, forensic science, materials chemistry, biochemistry and analytical chemistry.

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Color Science

The fundamental relationships between color and light, interactions of light with various substances, and a general study of the electromagnetic spectrum will be covered. Other topics covered include color mixing, the chemistry of common dyes and pigments, human perception of color, and digital color imaging and reproduction.

Medicinal Chemistry

A course in modern medicinal chemistry examining drug interaction with receptors, drug design and discovery, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, and formulation issues. The course will incorporate recent publications within the field to illustrate topics covered during the lecture.


The student will be assigned an original problem to work on throughout the two semesters and will submit a paper on the work. This work, which includes the use of chemical literature, will be performed under the supervision of one of the faculty members.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Screening Tube Well for Groundwater Quality
  • Development of MRI contrast agents for the detection of cancer
  • Manganese transmission in breast milk from mothers
  • Arsenic in Edible Products
  • Computational modeling of palladium complexes
  • Synthesizing palladium complexes and testing for anti-microbial properties

Post-Grad Placements

  • Chemistry doctoral work at Boston University, University of Pennsylvania, Stony Brook
  • Biotechnology at Northwestern University
  • Medical school at USC, George Washington
  • Pharmacy at Long Island University, USCD, Touro College
  • Dental school at University of Pennsylvania, University of Connecticut, UMDNJ

Class trip to Bangladesh

“Professor Alauddin was like dad, educator, and tour guide in Bangladesh. He's a key researcher in all this, and he knows a lot of crucial people.”