About City Studies

New York City is a natural laboratory for the study of historical and global transformations of the urban landscape. This minor prepares you for careers and graduate work in business, the social sciences, the environmental sciences, the arts or the humanities.

You'll engage with issues in Western and non-Western cities such as transnational migration, public policy, labor, global finance, environmental sustainability and the arts. Field trips in New York City and opportunities to travel to other American and foreign cities give you an intimate and hands‐on approach to urban issues.

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The Future of the City

From ancient cities to contemporary Los Angeles and New York, successful cities require economic growth, cultural diversity and personal security. How will the future demands of globalization, market forces and immigration affect New York and other major urban centers?

History of New York City

Explore the history of New York City from the founding of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam to present day. Special emphasis will be placed upon the experiences of different social classes and ethnic groups.

Ecology of the Urban Community

The course examines the ecological processes involved in city and metropolitan growth and explores concepts and issues related to urban planning and development.