About Computer Science

We emphasize the practical application of knowledge with a focus on software engineering. You can also focus your studies on hardware design, mathematics, or business computing. A minor in mathematics or management information systems is an option. The major prepares you for careers as programmer, software engineer, systems analyst, and consultant.

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Techniques of Programming

Design and analysis of programs with special emphasis on Object-Oriented programming. Topics such as information hiding, separate compilation, personal libraries and linking, as well as recursive techniques for control and data structures are discussed and implemented.

Computer Architecture

Transistor circuits, gating, sequential circuits, CPU architectures and microprogramming, arithmetic algorithms, interrupts and I/O, basic design of main memory, microprocessor technology, and software considerations.

Programming Languages

A survey of current programming languages including the ALGOL family, PL/I, ADA, SNOBOL, and LISP. A formal specification of languages using grammars is presented.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Bank of New York Mellon
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Goldman Sachs


  • “Computer Model for Zebra Fish Brain”
  • “Super Computers”
  • “Student Use of Maple and C/C++ in Numerical Analysis”