Are you inspired by dance? Do you wish to inspire others through this art form? The non-certificate dance education major will prepare you with multidimensional studies in dance and pedagogy. You’ll master the fundamentals of movement analysis and somatic studies, dance history, choreography, criticism, pedagogy, and more. You’ll not only expand your knowledge of dance, but you’ll also become a confident teacher and/or director of dancers. This major is a springboard for master’s programs in dance/movement therapy, dance kinesiology, dance education, dance medicine, or other related specializations.

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History of Dance

This course traces the evolution of Western dance from the 1500s to the present time, including folk dance, the Renaissance and Baroque periods, and the development of ballet, modern, and theatrical dance.

Experiential Anatomy and Kinesiology

A course designed to teach the basic principles of functional anatomy and movement patterning through experiential somatic practices.

Dance Pedagogy III (Senior Learning Community)

An advanced course designed for students who want to teach and create dance. Each student will work with movement invention to develop a specific technique and style of dance.