About Education

Our program provides an excellent foundation for the country’s next generation of teachers, including you! The program is nationally accredited, incorporating effective teaching, learning, and field experiences across all levels of the program.

As an education major, you'll select another discipline as a dual major, giving you deep subject matter knowledge. You'll also get hands-on teaching experience in a range of school sites, and graduate with certification in both general and special education for grades 1-6. If you minor in education, you'll be ready for an accelerated master's degree in grades 7-12. We also offer graduate studies in education. Our graduates are proud teachers and leaders as they make a difference in the lives of youth every day.

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Teaching & Learning for the Inclusive Setting

Course examines the different ways people learn as a means to understand how we should teach. Theories of teaching that have most informed effective educational practices will be studied as well as those that support educational models of inclusion. A 30 clock-hour placement in an inclusive classroom is coordinated with this course.

Language Acquisition & Literacy Development

Designed to provide students with knowledge of the ways in which language and literacy are acquired and developed for linguistically and culturally diverse children. Students will discuss language and literacy theories, literacy assessment methods, and particular literacy strategies.

School, Diversity & Society

Designed to enhance students' skills as reflective practitioners and transformative intellectuals. The course will provide pre-professional student teachers with an analytic framework to undertake an interdisciplinary analysis of the school-society relationship.

Beyond the Classroom

Teaching placements

  • New York Center for Autism Charter School
  • New York City Department of Education


  • “The Benefits of Private Funded Education vs. Public Funded Education”
  • “How Do Children Learn Mathematics?"
  • “Addressing Dyscalculia and other Mathematically Challenged Students in the Diverse Classroom Setting"