About Gender Studies

This interdisciplinary minor will help you think about the process of acquiring an identity as male or female and consider the impact of changing gender roles.

Areas of focus include marriage and family, sexual orientation, alternative lifestyles, gender across the life cycle, the distribution of power by gender, work and gender, and the representation of gender in literature and the arts.

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Sex, Gender, and Culture

Emphasizes the various ways in which sex and gender are culturally interpreted and socially organized among different human groups. An initial brief investigation of the biological foundations of human sexuality will provide the background for consideration of culturally determined elements.

Economics of Discrimination

Large gaps in earnings and differences in patterns of employment by race, gender, and ethnicity place many women and racial and ethnic minorities near or in poverty. This course explores these differences through readings, film, research projects, and field trips.

Southern Women Writers

Explores the work of important American writers from the South. Their regional perspectives—on love and loyalty, independence and work, race and family—underpin a unique sense of place and a rootedness in tradition that permeates their work.