About Information Systems

This degree is for you if you're seeking a professional career in information systems, systems analysis and management, network and database administration, or consulting. We emphasize the practical application of knowledge with a focus on design and implementation aspects of large-scale information systems for businesses.

You'll take courses in computer science, information systems and business.

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Computer Networks, Network Programming and Distributed Applications

Focuses on design and implementation of network-distributed systems. Topics include basic principles of networking, network topology and protocols, client/server applications using communication protocol techniques, and network programming utilizing Java facilities security.

Electronic Commerce

Provides students with a broad overview of the electronic commerce environment and key issues involved in its implementation. Students are going to learn how to build the front-end, middleware, and backend components that drive electronic commerce.

Operating Systems

History of operating systems; console operation, batch mode, multiprogramming, timesharing, and real-time systems. File management, job scheduling, memory management, device management, processes, semaphores and concurrent programming, virtual machines, and computer networks.