About International Affairs

Reflect on the global economic and political interdependence of the post-Cold War world. We'll help you understand how and why countries interact, and how the world has been influenced by history, politics, economics and culture.

You'll also study a foreign language and have the opportunity to intern in Washington, D.C. or study abroad. By honing your analytical, writing and speaking skills, and by thinking, studying and interacting internationally, you'll be prepared for graduate school and professional careers.

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Middle Eastern History and Politics

Provides an overview of the political, economic, and social histories of the Middle East since the 19th century with a view toward understanding the challenges that have developed in creating the image of the region and its peoples.

International Political Economy

Studies the interaction between international politics and economics. It presents several major theoretical perspectives and examines such issues as trade, finance and multinational corporations. Analyzes the interaction between the state and the market and examines major global economic problems.

US Military Interventions in Latin America

Explores some controversial issues and political history, focusing on U.S. military intervention in Latin American politics in the 20th century. Focusing mostly on Central America, we will analyze the motives, actions and effects related to United States’ attempts to forcibly affect the politics and economics of the region.

Beyond the Classroom


  • United Nations
  • New York State Supreme Court
  • Citizens Jury Project


  • "North Korea and Nuclear Weapons"
  • "Were Hitler and Stalin More Similar Than Different?"

United Nations Internship

“Football player and international affairs major David Lopez '13 did an internship with the United Nations Global Compact, and spent a month in Brazil for the Rio +20 Corporate Sustainability Forum.”