About Journalism

Raising awareness. That’s what makes journalism a calling more than a career. Our journalism minor will prepare you to succeed in an industry that's undergoing a global transformation. Courses in news writing, editing, design, feature writing, public relations, social media, photojournalism and ethics build a solid foundation of skills for all newsrooms.

Internships at metro newspapers, magazines and online news organizations build connections that lead to jobs. You can also write for our own campus newspaper, The Wagnerian. There’s no better place to study the craft than New York City, the media capital of the world.

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News Design and Editing

An introduction to design and editing, which work in tandem in the newsroom. Students learn copyediting, headline and caption writing, news gathering techniques, budgeting and story assigning, along with elements of design, typography, photography and the current and evolving trends in new media.

Feature Writing

Practical experience researching, writing and marketing feature stories for print and online news organizations. Students learn how to develop strong story ideas, pitch them to editors, analyze a target audience, gather information, conduct interviews, write and rewrite feature stories, market stories and follow Associated Press style.

Journalism and Public Relations

An exploration of the interdependence of these two fields. Students will learn how news people rely on PR people for story ideas and information, and how PR people rely on news people to bring credibility and success to their concepts.