About Mathematics

Learn to think with precision and logical rigor and make both finite and abstract conclusions. We emphasize a broad range of applications. Although math is very content-specific and involves hours of class time to understand topics, it also opens you to a wide variety of field experiences and professional careers.

You'll be prepared for graduate study or careers in mathematics-related fields such as engineering, statistics, computing, actuarial science, physics and education.

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Operations Research

Mathematical models, constraints, the simplex method, duality, and the transportation problem. Other topics to be chosen from game theory and dynamic programming.

Theory of Computation

Mathematical foundations of computer science. Formal languages: lexical, context-free, context-sensitive, type 0. Automata: Finite, Pushdown, Linear-bound Turing machines, Chomsky’s hierarchy.


Topological spaces and topological equivalence, the topology of the real line, metric spaces, compact spaces, connected spaces, Hausdorff spaces, and the separation axioms.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Credit Suisse
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Education Field Work
  • Sharp Electronics Corporation


  • “The Probability of Poker”
  • “Minimax Theorem“
  • “Gender Differences in Math Education"
  • “The Casino’s Abuse of Probability"