About Microbiology

We provide a comprehensive background in the various fields of modern microbiology including microbial genetics, clinical microbiology, applied microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and microbial physiology.

Through these experiences, you'll gain the knowledge and critical thinking skills needed to apply the scientific method, as well as practical laboratory skills required for modern laboratory-based microbiology. We also offer a research-intensive program, where you can obtain both a BS and MS degree in microbiology in five years.

You'll be prepared for further graduate study and a career as microbiologist in public health, hospital, industrial or research laboratories.

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General Pathology

A course in the principles, techniques, and clinical significance of standard clinical laboratory procedures in hematology, clinical biochemical analyses, and immunohematology.

Immunology and Serology

The principles of immunology including the immune response, immunoglobulin production theories, standard serological methods, and serodiagnostic procedures.

Applied, Food, and Industrial Microbiology

Includes bacteriological studies of water, sewage, milk, and food; emphasis is also placed on microbiological assays, toxicology studies, and purposes and procedures involved in the standardization of antibiotics, germicides, preservatives, and disinfectants.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
  • New York City Public Health Laboratory
  • Robert Wood Johnson Medical Center Clinical Laboratory
  • Johns Hopkins Summer internship
  • Staten Island Zoo


  • Listeria monocytogenes pathogenesis
  • Natural products as novel antimicrobial agents
  • Bacteriophage isolation and identification

Vincent Fischetti ’62 H’10

“In the war on microbes, Vincent Fischetti '62 H'10 points the way forward.”