About Music

Do you love to sing or play an instrument? Whether you're interested in music education, music performance, or studying and listening to music, our flexible curriculum lets you create a personalized program. You can sing in the College Choir, play in the Concert and Jazz bands, and study the history and theory of music from around the world.

You'll also experience the abundant and varied concert life in the New York region by attending first-rate musical events in the city. We'll prepare you for careers in teaching, music performance, arts management, or even graduate or professional training in fields such as law and education.

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Jazz and Blues

A survey of jazz beginning with its roots in the blues and ragtime, focusing on the music of the greatest performers in various jazz styles (New Orleans, big band, bebop, etc.). Trips to concerts (normally on Friday evenings or weekends).

Music in the Theater

In-depth study of how music of various types has been used in selected examples of drama, dance, opera, and other theatrical genres in Western culture from the Renaissance to the present, including film and television.

Chaos to Counterpoint

Beginning with the chaos in Europe after the fall of Rome, this course traces how evolving styles gradually led to the flowering of music in the Gothic period under the liberal arts curriculum of the University of Paris, then evolved to produce the new contrapuntal masterpieces of the Renaissance.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Carnegie Hall
  • Lincoln Center
  • Sony Music Entertainment
  • Octone Records
  • Snug Harbor Cultural Center
  • Staten Island Symphony


  • Concert Band
  • Jazz Ensembles
  • College Choir
  • Treble Concert Choir
  • Stretto a cappella
  • Chamber groups

Will Pegg ’16

“There’s a whole side of Wagner’s music curriculum that’s just based on practical things.”

Vocal Synergy

“I want to work on the business side of music, so this group is helpful. It's good for both my major and what I love to do.”