About Philosophy

Ask questions about reality, knowledge, reasoning, language and conduct, and experience the hidden power of these basic human questions. We'll explore the ancient and modern realms of metaphysics, epistemology, logic, and ethics, as well as questions on the nature of politics, society, law, medicine, and art.

You'll be prepared for a more reflective life by promoting the habit of entertaining competing worldviews, of always seeking an alternative, of not taking the usual for granted, and of imagining foreign states of mind. These ways of thinking are invaluable in any professional field.

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Contemporary Moral Problems

A study and discussion of selected, contemporary moral issues such as capital punishment, sexual morality, pornography and censorship, and discrimination.

The Idea of Love

An interdisciplinary examination of various issues concerning human nature and happiness in which the phenomenon of love occupies a central position.

Freedom and Responsibility

A philosophical analysis of the nature of human action and of the philosophical problems which arise concerning the ascription of moral responsibility and the description of human agency.