About Physician Assistant

Train to become a professional clinician committed to providing quality health care. Our 5-year program includes two pre-professional years of basic sciences and liberal arts courses plus three professional years with specific course work and clinical practice in direct patient care at affiliated hospitals.

Physician assistants practice under the supervision of licensed physicians and provide primary care and specialty services in a variety of health care settings. We also offer a Pre-PA curriculum and MS for Clinical PAs.

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Professionalism and Ethics

Integrate the principles of professionalism and ethics into the clinical practice of the physician assistant. The course is a general overview of the role of the physician assistant with emphasis on the principles of ethics and professionalism and their integration into modern medicine.

Emergency and Surgical Medicine

Instruction regarding recognition and management of the surgical patient, as well as instruction regarding rapid and efficient management of the trauma or emergent patient. Includes a radiology workshop for the recognition of and differentiation between the normal and abnormal radiographic findings.

Maternal and Child Health

Familiarizes the student with conditions specific to maternal-child medicine. Lectures and case studies on diagnostic, therapeutic and counseling techniques aim at managing sensitive issues in both the obstetrical and gynecological patient, familiarizing the student with conditions specific to the pediatric patient.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Staten Island University Hospital
  • Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
  • NYU Medical Center
  • Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

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