About Psychology

This a diverse field that encompasses the study of mind, brain, human and animal behavior, and social interactions. We engage in experimentation and case studies of both normal and abnormal populations, and apply the results in a variety of fields such as education, business, law, medicine & health sciences, and more. Clinical psychology focuses on psychotherapy and the treatment of psychological disorders.

Psychology is an excellent skills-based major for any career. We'll prepare you for graduate programs in education, psychology and law, and for careers in counseling, management, advertising, human resources, psychological testing, and social work, among others.

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Psychology of Prejudice

An examination of the debates on the roles of biology, family, culture, development, and economic opportunity in generating prejudice. This course explores classic and contemporary works in the areas of stigma, prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination.

Psychology of Boys and Men

An examination of male psychological development from boyhood through old age. Topics include the anthropology of manhood, masculinity, men's attitude towards women, being a son, being a father, male homosexuality, the spiritual life of men, and psychological disorders peculiar to boys and men.

Sleep and Dreams

An in-depth analysis of how we spend approximately one third of our lives. Topics include theories of why we sleep, stages of sleep, the physiology of sleep, sleep deprivation, circadian rhythms, sleep disorders and their treatment, sleep medication, historical and modern theories of dream content and meaning.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Richmond Behavioral Associates
  • Safe Horizon Crisis Center
  • Institute for Basic Research
  • The Albert Ellis Institute
  • Freedom from Fear


  • “Spiritual Enthusiasm Patterns Among the Sunrise Assisted Living in Staten Island”
  • “Eyewitness Memory”
  • “Sexuality, Religion, and Guilt”

Tiana Kalba Kostic ’06

“As a forensic psychophysiologist and polygraph examiner, I get to hear a story every day.”