About Religious Studies

As a religious studies minor, you will learn to understand and compare the many religious expressions of humankind. Although the study of religion requires a certain subjective sensitivity to the religious mindset, it seeks to transcend subjective empathy in the pursuit of objective analysis.

We'll help you learn methods used to understand religions. We'll equip you with the perspectives and skills to make meaningful and critical comparisons between different religious traditions. And we'll foster the delicate balance between detachment and empathy.

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Religions of the East

An introduction to the major systems of religious thought and practice of the Orient with particular attention to those texts and traditions that have attained popularity and significance in the West: Yoga, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, Zen and Taoism.

Death and Beyond

A cross-cultural study of beliefs and practices regarding death and the afterlife. Among the issues considered will be preparation for life beyond the grave, funeral rituals and rites of mourning, the judgment of the dead, the journey of the soul to a new life, immortality of the soul and reincarnation.

Is Religion 'Man-made'?

Are religious “truths” divinely given, or are they created by humans under the impact of cultural considerations? Unravel this issue by approaching the question from various perspectives. The creative use of symbolism will be illustrated through an examination of various novels and movies.