About Sociology

Learn about connections between public issues and personal welfare, and how understanding these connections sheds light on our own social problems. We'll examine the interrelationship between individuals and their social structures and groups.

You'll investigate the fundamental concepts and methods used in sociological theory and research. You will see that individual behavior is not so individual after all, but how we each think, act and feel actually has a lot to do with group norms and social structures.

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American Society and its Social Problems

This course examines the structure and functioning of contemporary American society and specifically emphasizes selected social problems associated with the changing values of the society.

Law and Society

This course explains the American civil law system by examining it within the context of broader social issues in society. Its main purpose is to examine critically how law affects society and how society affects law

Popular Music and Social Change in the 1960s

An exploration of the relationship between the music popular in a particular era in American cultural history and the changes occurring in our society during that time with particular attention to the 1960s: a time where popular music reached dramatic new levels of popularity and influence.

Beyond the Classroom


  • NY State Supreme Court
  • Administration of Children's Services
  • NYC Department of Probation
  • Lifestyles of the Disabled

After Wagner

  • Brown University master's in public health
  • University of Pennsylvania master's in social work
  • Columbia University master's in social work

Morgan Grubbs ’14

“Being bilingual has opened many doors for me and taught me so much about myself and the world. I'm now aware of a huge part of the world's population and am able to hear and understand stories of struggle and triumph in a way that I couldn't before.”