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Dance Education (Non-certificate)

The dance education major will prepare you with multidimensional studies in dance and pedagogy. You’ll not only expand your knowledge of dance, but you’ll also become a confident teacher and/or director of dancers.


You’ll explore creative, journalistic, and analytical writing, and do an internship in print/online publishing, marketing, advertising, film, business, or other related sectors.


Whether you’re interested in music education, music performance, or studying and listening to music, our flexible curriculum lets you create a personalized program. You’ll also experience an abundant and varied concert life by attending first-rate musical events in NYC.


Our program will prepare you to succeed in an industry that’s undergoing a global transformation. Internships at metro newspapers, magazines and online news organizations build connections that lead to jobs. There’s no better place to study the craft than New York City, the media capital of the world.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Do your interests span multiple departments and areas of study? Maybe creating your own major is for you. Build a rigorous program of study to investigate interdisciplinary topics, problems, and questions.

Film and Media

Become media literate and advance your own awareness of media’s effect on your perceptions of critical social issues. You’ll look at film form, film and television history, world cinema, and/or practice in graphic computer arts.


You’ll learn to appreciate literature in its own right and explore literature as a reflection on the political, social, and aesthetic values of the periods in which works were written.


Study a range of disciplines, including ballet, jazz, modern, and tap as well as courses in choreography, history, and criticism. Explore the wide range of dance techniques while encouraging further development of your personal dancing style.

Comparative Literature

Learn to see the intersections between literature and its cultural, philosophical, and linguistics contexts around the globe.

Arts Administration

Get a foundation in the performing and/or visual arts along with skills in business administration to prepare you for leadership and management positions in arts-related organizations.