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Mathematical Economics

About Mathematical Economics Mathematical economics is an interdisciplinary major. It provides students with the requisite grounding in mathematics that allows students to appreciate and go deeper in pursuing modern economic analysis. Students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies in economics or law can benefit considerably from the training in abstract formulations of problem situations. […]

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics combines psychology and economics to look at the ways that people make economic decisions. Using psychological theories, you’ll dissect the social, emotional, and cognitive influences on economic behavior and decisions. This interdisciplinary approach helps you understand why people’s economic decisions are often irrational, inconsistent, and against self-interest. If you major in this field, you’ll graduate […]

Public Policy & Administration

Get a solid liberal arts education while also gaining a professional orientation in public policy and administration. You’ll acquire analytical, practical and theoretical skills for public service in contemporary society.


Learn to think with precision and logical rigor and make both finite and abstract conclusions. You’ll be prepared for graduate study or careers in mathematics-related fields such as engineering, statistics, computing, actuarial science, physics and education.

International Affairs

Reflect on the global economic and political interdependence of the post-Cold War world. We’ll help you understand how and why countries interact, and how the world has been influenced by history, politics, economics, and culture.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Do your interests span multiple departments and areas of study? Maybe creating your own major is for you. Build a rigorous program of study to investigate interdisciplinary topics, problems, and questions.

Information Systems

We emphasize the practical application of knowledge with a focus on design and implementation aspects of large-scale information systems for businesses.

Government & Politics

As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, it’s crucial that you understand the democratic system and other forms of governance. You’ll develop reasoning and analytical skills and build competence in oral and written expression.


Learn to understand the American and global economies by exploring different analytical approaches and research methods. Studying economics will give you a comprehensive look at all aspects of the market.

Computer Science

We emphasize the practical application of knowledge with a focus on software engineering. You can also focus your studies on hardware design, mathematics, or business computing.