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Holocaust and Human Rights Studies

About Holocaust and Human Rights Studies This minor trains students to critically examine major political and cultural events — in both the past and the present — using the interrelated frameworks of human rights, ethics, moral philosophy and international law. Students minoring in Holocaust & Human Rights Studies will learn about: Crimes against humanity The […]

Health Sciences

The health sciences major offers students a flexible, interdisciplinary, and hands-on approach to learning about the health sciences and the healthcare system. The core curriculum includes courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and nursing. Elective courses will allow you to explore aspects of health care you find of greatest interest. In addition, health sciences majors […]

Dance Education (Non-certificate)

The dance education major will prepare you with multidimensional studies in dance and pedagogy. You’ll not only expand your knowledge of dance, but you’ll also become a confident teacher and/or director of dancers.


Community involvement is a central part of the Wagner Plan. This minor helps you develop a civic identity and provides future employers with concrete evidence of your commitment and experience in civic engagement. You will also gain a better understanding of social responsibility and social justice, and acquire multicultural civic skills. Central to the minor is a […]

Behavioral Economics

Behavioral economics combines psychology and economics to look at the ways that people make economic decisions. Using psychological theories, you’ll dissect the social, emotional, and cognitive influences on economic behavior and decisions. This interdisciplinary approach helps you understand why people’s economic decisions are often irrational, inconsistent, and against self-interest. If you major in this field, you’ll graduate […]

Pre-Health Science

If you’re interested in a career in the health sciences, especially medical, veterinary, or dental work, this advisory program is perfect. We’ll advise you throughout your time at Wagner on course and program requirements, and on how to become a successful candidate for health science programs.


We conduct open forums and panels for pre-law students, sponsor talks by guest speakers in the legal profession on law-related topics, invite guest speakers to address issues dealing with admission to law school, and arrange field trips to law firms and law schools.

Modern Languages

Build linguistic and cultural awareness to experience the world differently as you study Spanish, French, Italian or German. By studying language, literature, civilization and film, you will begin your own journey through the myriad cultures of the planet.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Do your interests span multiple departments and areas of study? Maybe creating your own major is for you. Build a rigorous program of study to investigate interdisciplinary topics, problems, and questions.

Cultural Competency for Allied Health

Cultural competency is considered central to many advanced training programs, including medical school and Doctor of Nursing Practice programs. It provides a needed background in cultural material and theory.