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Health Sciences

The health sciences major offers students a flexible, interdisciplinary, and hands-on approach to learning about the health sciences and the healthcare system. The core curriculum includes courses in biology, chemistry, physics, psychology, and nursing. Elective courses will allow you to explore aspects of health care you find of greatest interest. In addition, health sciences majors […]

Pre-Health Science

If you’re interested in a career in the health sciences, especially medical, veterinary, or dental work, this advisory program is perfect. We’ll advise you throughout your time at Wagner on course and program requirements, and on how to become a successful candidate for health science programs.


Receive a broad but rigorous education in basic scientific principles that govern the behavior of matter and energy in nature. We provide hands-on experience in electronics, optics, nuclear physics, astronomy and solar energy.

Interdisciplinary Studies

Do your interests span multiple departments and areas of study? Maybe creating your own major is for you. Build a rigorous program of study to investigate interdisciplinary topics, problems, and questions.

Environmental Studies

Environmental issues are among the most pressing facing humanity. Investigate the nature and causes of environmental problems and consider solutions to those problems. You’ll look at the biological, physical, and social aspects of ecology and environment.


Get a solid foundation in organic, inorganic, physical, analytical and biochemistry as you explore the relevance of chemistry. Lab work brings you out of the textbook and lecture to work hands-on with the material.


Explore the fields of modern microbiology including microbial genetics, clinical microbiology, applied microbiology, immunology, molecular biology and microbial physiology. You’ll be prepared for graduate study and a career as microbiologist in public health, industrial or research laboratories.


This a diverse field that encompasses the study of mind, brain, human and animal behavior, and social interactions. We engage in experimentation and case studies of both normal and abnormal populations, and apply the results in a variety of fields.


Focus on physiological and psychological systems in the nervous system as you learn about the neural mechanisms of behavior and cognition, evolutionary development of the nervous system, and mechanisms of nervous system and psychiatric disorders.

Physician Assistant

Train to become a professional academic clinician committed to providing quality health care. Our 5-year program includes studies in the basic sciences and liberal arts plus specific course work and clinical practice in direct patient care at affiliated hospitals.