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Gender Studies

Learn to think about the process of acquiring an identity as male or female and consider the impact of changing gender roles. Areas of focus include marriage and family, sexual orientation, the distribution of power by gender, and the representation of gender in literature and the arts.

Film and Media

Become media literate and advance your own awareness of media’s effect on your perceptions of critical social issues. You’ll look at film form, film and television history, world cinema, and/or practice in graphic computer arts.


You’ll learn to appreciate literature in its own right and explore literature as a reflection on the political, social, and aesthetic values of the periods in which works were written.


Learn to understand the American and global economies by exploring different analytical approaches and research methods. Studying economics will give you a comprehensive look at all aspects of the market.

Comparative Literature

Learn to see the intersections between literature and its cultural, philosophical, and linguistics contexts around the globe.

City Studies

New York City is a natural laboratory for the study of historical and global transformations of the urban landscape. You’ll engage with issues in Western and non-Western cities such as transnational migration, public policy, labor, environmental sustainability and the arts.

Art History

Let us introduce you to global and local visual traditions as you study works first hand and conduct independent research through required internships at New York’s premier museums, galleries and art collections.


Anthropology is global in its perspective, comparatively studying humankind in all places and throughout time. You’ll develop an understanding of culture and how it unites human social, political, biological, and historical experiences.


Learn about connections between public issues and personal welfare, and how understanding these connections sheds light on our own social problems. We’ll examine the interrelationship between individuals and their social structures and groups.


This a diverse field that encompasses the study of mind, brain, human and animal behavior, and social interactions. We engage in experimentation and case studies of both normal and abnormal populations, and apply the results in a variety of fields.