About Writing

If you're interested in developing your writing skills, this minor is a perfect fit. You'll explore creative, journalistic, and analytical writing. The program is flexible, so you can take electives in your area of interest.

Internships are an important part of becoming an excellent writer. We'll help place you in print/online publishing, marketing, advertising, film, business, or other related sectors.

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Advanced Creative Writing

For students who have demonstrated previous ability in creative writing. They will develop skills in genres such as longer fiction, playwriting, and memoir-writing, with an eye to publishing their work. Attention will be given to the challenges of and opportunities for publication in a digital age.

Screenplay Writing

Introduction to film and television screenplay structure. Students will analyze the work of accomplished screenwriters in different genres (comedy, drama, horror, adaptation) and will learn to apply this analysis to their own screenplay writing. They will learn about character construction, narrative arch, storytelling strategies, and proper screenwriting form.

Magazine Writing and Publishing

Students will strengthen the traditional skills required to produce great journalism while learning how to develop strong feature stories, pitch them to editors, analyze a target audience, and design and market their work. Includes opportunities to meet editors and writers who work in New York City.

Beyond the Classroom


  • Hachette Book Group
  • CBS This Morning
  • Standard and Poor's
  • SILive.com