B. S. Information Systems

The Information Systems Major emphasizes the practical application of knowledge with a focus on design and implementation aspects of large-scale information systems for businesses. The major is designed for students seeking professional careers in information systems. The students are required to take a number of courses in computer science, information systems and business. The major prepares students for careers as systems analysts and managers, network and database administrators, and consultants.

Requirements for a Major in Information Systems (B.S.)

A minimum of 16 units with the following distribution:

Computer Science and Information Systems requirements - 8 units

Computer Science 106 or 107; 130 or 132; 142; 251; 252.

Information Systems 352 or 353; 453; 522.

Senior Learning Community - 2 units

Senior Reflective Tutorial: Information Systems 400.
Senior Capstone Course: Information Systems 550.

Cognates - 6 units

Mathematics 108; 124.
Business Administration/Economics: Accounting 101; Economics 102; Management 201; 411.

Requirements for a Minor in Information Systems

Five units in Computer Science/Informations Systems as follows: Computer Science 106 or 107, 130, 142, Informations Systems 522, 550, plus two units in Business Administration, Management 201, Management 411.