Welcome to the Wagner Music Department!

Music has played a vital role in the life of Wagner College since its founding. Today, Wagner students sing in the College Choir, play in the Concert and Jazz bands, and study the history and theory of music from around the world. Many students in the Music Department go on to careers in teaching, music performance, and arts management. Others continue to graduate studies or professional training in fields such as law and education.

Studies in Music at Wagner College

The Music Department currently offers four degree programs:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music- Vocal Performance
  • Bachelor of Science in Music Education- K-12 Initial Certification
  • Dual Major in Music and Early Childhood Education

Current students at Wagner College who wish to study music are asked to complete the Music Theory Placement Exercise. After completion, students are asked to submit the exercise to the department administrator. The results will be used to determine the most appropriate course for you to take as you begin your study of music at Wagner

Applying to Wagner College

General information about applying to Wagner College

Music scholarship information

If you are a current student, please check MyWagner for information about course offerings and availability.

Students interested in performing a recital should consult the department’s Recital Requirements.

An overview of Music at Wagner

Whether you are interested in music education, music performance, or studying and listening to various types of old and new music, the Music Department’s flexible curriculum allows you to create a personalized program following your own interests. In addition to instruction in the great traditions of Western art music and jazz, the department offers courses that explore music in its broader context in both Western and non-Western cultures. Many courses take advantage of the abundant and varied concert life in the New York region by including attendance at first-rate musical events in and about the city.

Wagner College vocal ensembles include the College Choir, Treble Choir, and Stretto, an elite a cappella group. Instrumental organizations include the Concert Band, Marching Band, Jazz Ensemble, Guitar and Lute Ensemble, Percussion Ensemble, and String Ensemble. The department also provides individual instruction in various instruments and voice.

The Music Department sponsors numerous concerts and other public events each year. You can hear selections from recent performances by Wagner students and faculty by going to the Music Department’s Audio Recordings Page. To contact the Music Department, please phone us at (718) 390-3313, or for vocal auditions questions, emails may be directed to Dr. Juneau at Thomas.Juneau@wagner.edu. For instrumental questions, emails may be directed to Prof. Jose Luis Diaz Jr., Director of Bands, at Jose.Diaz@wagner.edu

The department’s facilities include a multi-use Performance Center, a Music Lab and a Music Resource Room, both equipped with computers and electronic keyboards, and numerous practice rooms. Instruments available to students for practice and rehearsal include pianos, a harpsichord, and an array of wind and percussion instruments.

The Music Department Faculty includes scholars and musicians who are recognized for their work as authors, performers, and above all teachers.

Senior Recital Programs

Upcoming Events

October 1st
Pep Rally
October 2nd
Wagner Weekend Memorial Mass
October 6th
Student Conductors Concert
October 15th
Italian Idol Competition
October 24th
Spirit and Celebration!
November 18th
Jazz Ensemble Winter Concert
November 20th
Performing Arts Faculty Showcase
November 21st
Home for the Holidays
November 29th
Brass Ensemble Winter Concert
December 1st
Holiday Sing-a-Long