Thomas Juneau

Assistant Professor; Director of Choral Activities, and Vocal Area Coordinator

718-390-3202 thomas.juneau@wagner.edu Parker Hall 102

Academic Advisor, B.A. Vocal Performance;
Coordinator - Vocal Area; Music Theory and Musicianship

David Schulenberg

Professor, Music Department

718-420-4288 dschulen@wagner.edu Campus Hall 110

Music historian; harpsichordist.
Ph.D. Stony Brook University
M.A. Stanford University
B.A. Harvard College

Jose Luis Diaz Jr.

Director of Bands - Associated Faculty, Music Department

jose.diaz@wagner.edu Parker Hall 115

Director of Bands
Music Education PreK-12 Initial Certification Program Advisor
Athletic Band Director, Athletics

Part-time Faculty


Joyce Chung

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department

718-390-3313 joyce.chung@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches piano. B.M., M.M., The Juilliard School.

John DiSanto

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Alan Dornak

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department

718-390-3133 alan.dornak@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice, Opera Workshop, Performance Hour. Countertenor, international operatic performer.

Vincent Grana

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Julia Lamon

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Joyce LaMorte

Adjunct Faculty, Education Department

joyce.lamorte@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches music education. Music teacher, Michael J. Petrides School, Staten Island, N.Y.

Casandra Lamotte

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Stephanie Leotsakos

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Steven Liotta

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Giovanni Longo

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department


Elizabeth McCullough

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department

718-390-3313 elizabeth.mccullough@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice

Anthony Turner

Adjunct Faculty, Music Department

718-390-3313 anthony.turner@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice. Baritone, international recording and performing artist.

Amy Williams

Adjunct Faculty (Theatre), Performing Arts

718-390-3313 awilliam@wagner.edu Campus Hall, first floor

Teaches voice. M.F.A., Cornell University; B.A., State University of New York at Binghamton.


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