Advance: ‘Female a cappella group wows Wagner College audience’

Advance: ‘Female a cappella group wows Wagner College audience’

Staten Island Advance photojournalist Jan Somma-Hammel posted this video and news story about Wagner College's all-female a capella group, Vocal Synergy, on the community newspaper's website. Watch the video and read the story, below, and visit the Advance website to view an exclusive accompanying slideshow.

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Vocal Synergy: Female a cappella group wows Wagner College audience

by JAN SOMMA-HAMMEL, Staten Island Advance, Oct. 22, 2014

The dictionary definition of synergy goes like this: “The interaction of two or more agents or forces so that their combined effect is greater than the sum of their individual effects.”

Vocal Synergy is the premier a cappella group at Wagner College. Founded in spring 2008 by Kate “Mama Bear” Burns, the group auditions young women from across campus to come together and sing awesome music.

Kate thought that because Wagner College is known mostly for its art programs that an a cappella group would be a natural fit. And so Vocal Synergy was born and remains a well-known name on campus.

Vocal Synergy holds an a cappella festival at Wagner each year. This year it’s set for Nov. 14; check out for showtime and ticket updates. These 13 dedicated, energetic, talented singers rehearse three times a week and perform dozens of concerts throughout the year.

They also are savvy in the ways of having fun while raising money for various charities. One charity they recently raised funds for is the cri-du-chat syndrome, which is a rare chromosome disorder.

This past weekend the group performed at Wagner College’s “Gender Bender” show, which you can see if you watch the video above past the closing credits. All donations were given to the Pride Center of Staten Island.


1) Details for November's a cappella festival are not yet final; details will be posted here (and on when they become available.

2) And visit this GoFundMe Web page for information on cri-du-chat syndrome to find out how you can help.